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Review from Denmark - - with google english translation.

Years concert. Graham's bass blasted Amager Bio in the air.

Funkers grand man, the god pardoned bassist Larry Graham, is not
without reason been called the Jimi Hendrix bass. The man who, as former
drummer invented slap bass and formed the school for many of the world's
most famous bassists. What he can do with the bass is pure magic, and all who
had come to the now 64-year-olds second visit on Danish soil, got a decent
game magic-funk and a huge experience of a lifetime.

Did set the tone right from the start

After an exhilarating different hall in a procession with his white-clad
band through the crowd struck Graham and the new Graham Central Station a
back hair travelers delicious funk-groove depends on just the right kind.
The hall was filled by a mature audience, as you could see was not
alien to what they had in store. What they actually got, surpassed all
expectations. not least this notification. I'm still shocked.

Set-DP was a super tight drummer (Brian Rio Brazil), two keys (including
Jimmy Jay), an accomplished guitarist (Zynamite), a percussionist / singer
(Ashling called Bisquit, the only woman) and of course LG even in its
space-bass with attached microphone. Larry's bass was not run through the
audio system, I was later told. He went on "behind-gear" through two giant
speakers right behind him, and his bass sounded fantastic. The small
ensemble delivered an astonishingly robust sound. Graham's extremely crisp
voice is a chapter in itself. One of the most original and authentic
funk-vowels and had not changed one iota.

It was a party right from the start and was playing crazy loud,
but the sound was good and the show was mesmerizing from start to finish,
so you forgot to stick in the ears. It still rings in my ears the
following day. Rock'n'Roll or more suitable Funk'n'Soul.

A parade of hits

Graham had plenty of funk classics to offer. Not least because he has been
the bassist for Sly & The Family Stone. We came with a funky-train ride to
Graham Central Station with hits including Hair. Then came a version of I
Can not Stand The Rain, where the female singer called Bisquit impressed
to such an extent that we came to think of Chaka Khan and Tina Turner. She
stood on the whole not return for the men on stage in funkyness and was a
major driving force throughout. Then they played Stevie Higher Ground,
which is made for Graham, followed by a trip back in time when Larry
challenged the Danish fans to name a Sly & The Family Stone number, he
could not play. Then they would: Family Affair, Hot Fun In The Summertime,
Everyday People, If You wan't Me Higher. Especially drummer was
impressive clever. He sacked by in a solo, so one would think he had eight
arms and three feet. There was only one bass drum pedal.

Australia's got talent

When they came to Dance To The Music, there was something really wacky.
Graham asked if there was anyone in the audience who would be up on stage
and give it gas. Anybody want to com get some? The first who showed up
were Al Campos, the super-talented American soul singer, who lives in
Denmark. He fired a couple of well-lirede stanzas of which made us all
proud. A guy came up and asked for permission to play a little keyboard,
they made room for him and so he fired it off, so we thought it was a lie.
He was followed by a guy who asked for permission to play on bass master,
and again it was impressively well. There was a young kid who made human
beat-box. OK courageously passed and a guy on something scatsang. But it
was two white-guys on sax and trumpet, as so delivered something the band
was lacking to make this trip back to the original sound complete, as a
horn section. Graham was so happy and impressed that he simply insisted
that the boys went and played with the rest of the concert. I came to
Denmark and got myself a hornsection! proclaimed Graham happy. So cool.
Well done, Denmark. Those who saw him live at the Park in 1998 and
incidentally has followed him, must have known that this moment would come
in concert.

The party was not over.

Already halfway through the two and a half hour long concert told Graham
that the band had been looking forward to partying with the Danish
audience, and was laid up for a long night, so we might well call
babysitters now. He liked what he promised. After the wonderful
performance with the audience, fired the Sly Stone Thank You (Falettinme
Be Mice Elf agin) by. How Graham, among other things took off his bass
down amidst the audience and played one of his numerous slammin 'bass
solos. At times when the music was hardest and most pointed on a hard rock
concert, Graham went completely berserk and Hendrix-bass rubbed up the
speakers and stands. It was crazy how much noise he can do. Boring, he was

When the concert ended, walked Graham and band in procession through the
audience, the same way they had entered. Of course, they were folded and
pep back of a mega-enthusiastic audience. The concert was fortunately not
close to a go-home soul. No way. The band kicked once in a crazy
funky-synth-groove, which was a hit. It was not hard to see how, for
example, Prince got his inspiration. So were all those who wanted, invited
up on stage to dance, and Graham made his hallmark countdown from four and
then fired the I Want To Take You Higher by an Amager Bio in complete

Year concert

It can not be better. A funk-explosion with a real string of best hits, a
variety show in close interaction with the audience, improvised surprises,
an unmatched ability to whip up a mood, not least musically talented of
all the money. What a showman. This concert will never be forgotten.
Larry, come back soon.